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Frequently Asked Questions

Planning any event involves numerous intricacies, and we're here to assist you every step of the way. Should you wish to get in touch with us at Mitchelville Place, please feel free to get in touch with us using the link below. To provide added convenience, we've compiled some frequently asked questions below.

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Question: Do I have to book the house and an event to stay at Mitchelville Place?


Mitchelville Place is first and foremost a short term vacation rental (also known as an "Airbnb"), and there is no requirement for guests of our vacation rental to host an event. However, many of our guests find our property is ideal for hosting private events! For those guests, Mitchelville Place is happy to serve as an all-inclusive event venue and vacation rental. This is an ideal combination for those who wish to stay in the same location where their event is being held.

Question: Do I need to book a minimum number of nights?


Mitchelville Place does require a two-night minimum for guests, however we do make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. 

Question: I plan to have under 25 guests, do you offer prorated event rates? 


No. Our base event fee includes up to 25 guests.

Question: What happens if it rains?


We're prepared! Events under 50 guests can be accommodated in the Vacation Home and Barn. For events over 50 guests we provide a complimentary Tent Weather Hold for a 30' x 60' tent rental from Carolina Weddings. You only need to pay for the tent if you decide to use it! 

Question: What services are provided by Mitchelville Place?


Mitchelville Place provides vacation rental services and assists with event services. Our in-house event services provider, Carolina Weddings, brings over 20 years of low country wedding experience and event rentals to our venue, and they are Mitchelville Place's primary event service provider.

Question: Do I have the freedom to hire any vendor I would like for my event? 


At Mitchelville Place, we recognize the uniqueness of every event. While our guests have the freedom to choose any vendor, we offer a carefully curated list of preferred vendors, renowned for meeting rigorous quality and certification standards, and well-versed in our venue's policies. Please note that all preferred vendors are optional, except for Caterer/Beverage Service and the rental company. A 25% surcharge of the total event fee applies to these two categories to cover coordination and documentation collection.

Question: What Vendors are mandatory at Mitchelville Place? 


Weddings with more than 50 guests are required to hire the following:

  • Day-of coordinator or Planner

  • Beverage Service w/ additional staff for safe food handling & clean-up

  • Bathroom Trailer 

Question: Can a family member or personal friend day-of-coordinate for me?


This is fine if they are an experienced wedding professional (ideally a coordinator or planner). Please provide their company website and/or social media to Mitchelville Place for approval.

Question: Can we design and put out our own table and ceremony decorations? 


Absolutely! As long as you leave no trace of your personal items by the time of check out, and any borrowed items from the shed of treasure are returned. Also, our venue does not allow the use of nails, adhesives, or other fasteners on the walls, ceilings, handrails, or finished walking surfaces of the venue.

Question: Can we take photos/videos ourselves? 

Answer: Yes, of course.

Question: Can we play our own music? 


Speakers are fine as long as they stay at The Town of Hilton Head's regulations. Any large speakers, amplifiers, and/or D.J./Band equipment must be approved by Mitchelville Place staff and all contact info is given to the Venue Coordinator prior to the event. 

Question: Are there any restrictions on activities that can be held at Mitchelville Place?


  • We cannot allow any drone or aerial photography due to proximity to Hilton Head Airport.

  • Quiet hours are from 10pm-9am. All guests, besides the registered guests staying at the vacation rental, must vacate by 10:30 pm. Additionally, any major lighting must be dimmed by 10:30pm. 

Question: What are some details about the property I should expect and think about prior to booking?


  • We are located on the edge of a lively residential neighborhood, so there is a possibility to hear the sounds of daily life in Mitchelville: dogs barking, children playing, school buses, roosters crowing, etc.

  • We are located within a three minute drive of Hilton Head Airport, so there is the possibility that planes will fly over our property. This may require a moment of silence until they pass. This is not frequent, but does occur. Mitchelville Place staff monitor the daily flight schedules so we can plan ceremonies and times to minimize any possibility of disruption.

Question: Does the trash need to be disposed of by us?


  • Off-site vendors are required to clean-up and remove all of their garbage directly following the event. The garbage must be taken off-site, no exceptions will be granted, and the costs of removing vendor garbage will be assessed with client direct. Mitchelville Place will supply four garbage cans with liners for the event. 

  • If you choose to do your own DIY Decorations for tables, that must be cleaned and gathered in our on-site garbage facilities prior to checkout. Mitchelville Place staff will happily dispose this with the general household garbage.

  • General household garbage from our vacation rental may be left on-site, and is handled by Mitchelville Place at no extra charge.

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